The Bowman Group

The Bowman Group is a group of divisions dedicated to innovation, reliability and quality customer service within the engineering sector. The Bowman Group incorporates Bowman International, Bowman Additive Production, Bowman Advanced Engineering, John Handley Bearings and Bowman International GmbH. The JHB Split Bearing is the result of a collaboration between different parts of the Bowman Group, utilising design and manufacturing expertise across various divisions

John Handley Bearings

John Handley Bearings serves some of the UK’s largest industrial companies and strategic industries with a range of specialised bearing products. With more than 50 years’ experience the JHB name is synonymous with quality products, accurate specification, technical expertise, fast delivery and competitive pricing. A leading distributor to some of the world’s largest bearing manufacturers, JHB is proud to serve a varied cross section of industries.

As well as our revolutionary split roller bearing we are proud to hold prestigious distributorships with NSK and Thomson for linear bearings and guides and Bowman International for plain bearings. We also supply our own range of branded rod ends.